What our customers say

“Excellence in repair and SERVICE!”

I took my Honda Accord here for quote and repair.  I assumed that I needed some stuff done (dents, mainly). What I thought was going to cost hundreds of dollars and a week to fix actually cost less than $80 and was done in 30 minutes. They could have taken me for a ride but were very honest.

The guys were very responsive and kept in touch with me on some of the other repairs I had done here. I couldn’t be happier

  • Holly, Balhannah

“These guys are Amazing”

They were honest, did a great job and affordable!  Go here!

  • David, Mitcham

“IF you need a good place to go! Choose this one!”

Fantastic! This guy and his team do awesome work and the price is right on point. Anywhere else in Adelaide would charge you an arm and a leg. They don’t say no- they ensure you are taken care of and treat everyone like family.

IF you need a good place to go! Choose this one! Thanks to you and your team!

  • Adam, Rostrevor

“It looks BRAND NEW again.”

I had a repair done with these guys after the repairer my insurer sent me to THEIR PREFERRED REPAIRER. I brought my XR-6 in to DPP to have the damage the other repairer caused. They took great care of me. They were understanding and took care of my car perfectly. It looks BRAND NEW again. I won’t go anywhere else as long as I live in Adelaide

  • Tyla, Marion

“I experienced a great turn around time”

I experienced a great turn around time (one day!) for my i30.  Cos was professional and the price was fair.  I will be a repeat customer.

  • Megan, Glenelg

“It was quick, simple, and efficient.”

I took my Range Rover in on a Wednesday as it is near my home and had good reviews. I was back on the road, dent free, by lunch time Thursday. They took care of 6 separate dents for me and charged me way less than the “European specialists” who have charged me extra because of the badge on the car, I’m sure. It was quick, simple, and efficient. They will definitely be getting all of business from now on.

  • Michael, Norwood