Sanitising Service

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We’ll get the interior of your car the cleanest it’s ever been, even if you can’t come in and see us. (And we can even do it for free – read more to find out how!)

Whether you’re an essential worker, or just trying to get out of the house to do your weekly shop every time you come into contact with your steering wheel door handles, or even radio you could be risking the spread of the dreaded COVID-19.

We use industry-standard disinfectant and equipment which will not only have the most powerful germ-killing formula to disinfect and clean, but it is specifically designed for porous surfaces like dashboards and steering wheels.

Some of the supermarket disinfectants do a pretty good job of getting your car clean and safe, but many may damage your wheel, seatbelt, and dashboard. Which over time will eat away at top layers and make them tacky or sticky.

As part of our thorough sanitisation process, we ensure that not only are the highest traffic areas of your car cleaned, but also less frequently used places like ashtrays, light switches, petrol caps, and boot latches.

Not only will your cars console look nice and clean, but you can be confident in the knowledge that they are as clean as can be. 

Usually, this is a standalone service and costs $85, but for a limited time, we will include it for free with every repair we do!

Call us now and book your car in for a free quote.