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  1. Contact your insurance company and make a claim, record your claim number.
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  3. DPP will organsise an assessment time with you and your insurance company.
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All prices quoted are estimates only and prices may vary.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How does payment of an insurance claim work?
      DPP liaise with the insurance company regarding your repairs and they will pay us directly. You will pay us your excess and this amount is deducted from the amount the insurance company owes us.
    2. Why can’t you give me a fixed price for my repairs?
      As you can imagine, it can sometimes be difficult to judge what damage is concealed behind other damage. Often when repairs commence there is additional damage discovered as parts of your vehicle are removed. We aim to include everything required in the initial quote, however sometimes that is just not possible. There is already a communication process in place to allow for these additional repairs when going through insurance, DPP will liaise with them to organize any additions.
    3. I have some other scratches on my vehicle can you fix these at the same time?
      Of course we can repair any damage to your vehicle at the same time, anything that is not covered by your insurance claim you can add to the Service section of this form and we will give you a separate estimate.
    4. How long will repairs take?
      During the initial quoting stage we can advice you an estimated number of days we will need your vehicle for. This can however, vary if additional damage is found or if parts are delayed. We do our best to provide accurate time frames, however occasionally circumstances change and our priority is repairing your vehicle to the highest standard. We will keep in contact with you throughout the repair process and will inform you of any change in completion dates.
    5. Does DPP have a loan car I can use?
      We can organize a hire vehicle for you to use for the duration of repairs. We can arrange to have the vehicle waiting for you when you drop off your vehicle, with payment made to us upon collection of your vehicle.