Don’t be a statistic!


Easter is looming and as we prepare to eat too much chocolate, and perhaps indulge in the most decadent foods and refreshments our state has to offer. For many of us Easter means one of a few things. If you’re from the hills it’s highly likely you’ll be well aware of the annual race meeting at the Oakbank racecourse, if you’re not one of the tens of thousands of South Australians that journey to the beautiful rolling hills for the break and venture a little further you may be gearing up for a long trip North, and if you have done it before you’ll know how much of a gridlock it can be. Or you might find yourself in the third category; someone trying to avoid those doing the aforementioned.
For those of you that are travelling long distances the obvious issue that can be trouble (big trouble) is driver fatigue. We often think it sets in when driving on open roads with no other cars in sight, however sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on Port Wakefield Road can be just as mentally exhausting especially with bored children in the car. While this isn’t usually something that affects us immediately it can start the trip off on the back foot, leading to a harder drive later on.
Others of us may be celebrating the four-day weekend by enjoying a few beverages. Whether you are enjoying them at a festival, a race meeting, or in the comfort of a private residence be wary of getting behind the wheel or letting others get behind the wheel when they could very well be a danger to themselves and other road users. It’s never ok to drink and drive.
Remember, when driving long distances, or getting stuck in traffic patience can wear thin, and we can make silly mistakes, or bad judgement calls. We can fix all your dents and scratches, but we want you to be safe this Easter, please drive carefully.