Clearer Vision In 30 Seconds


It’s cold outside – that much is obvious. Today we revisit the most annoying part of cold mornings and misted windscreens. It’s super easy to keep the windscreen clear of fog – provided you follow these easy steps. Check out the link at the bottom for the quickest way to get a clear windscreen this winter.

Firstly you must resist the urge to wipe it with your sleeve or a towel. This simply pushes the grime and moisture around and makes your sleeve wet. Not only is it a very temporary fix, but it can often make things gradually worse.

You should treat your windscreen like any other window, and as such, it can be cleaned with run-of-the-mill window cleaner. Easy, right?

Well, it is; any spray and wipe window cleaner will work, or even a mix of vinegar and water (1:1), but the key part of the process is making sure the surface is dry.

As we know the “fog” is created by higher humidity inside the car, so you’ll need to reduce this as much as possible.

For the best results use your window cleaner thoroughly and then wipe with a paper towel, chamois, or microfibre cloth. This will reduce streaking significantly.

Avoid using tea towels, or common bath towels as these tend to leave fluff all over your windscreen and are less efficient at drying.

For the quickest way to demist your windscreen check out our archived newsletter from last July. It is the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to improve visibility in cold weather.

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