Time For A Crash Repair Quote

The Roads Are Quiet And Now Is The Time

Remember that little scratch you noticed when you went to the shops not so long ago? Or maybe it’s a dent that you see every single time you walk towards your car that makes you think “Man, I really must get that fixed – I hate the way it looks.” Sometimes it can even just be some paint fade that you’ve noticed getting progressively worse and worse. Well, there is good news…

It’s The Best Time For Repairs!

Why is it such a good time?

With the recent pandemic restrictions that SA has been working through the streets have become quieter, driving has become easier (for the most part) and it’s even easier for you to get a quote for repair! We are still operating at full capacity, while some of the other (unrelated) businesses have scaled back.

This Means…

You’ll be able to come in and see us with even less effort and in less time. With the lower number of cars on the road and the great turnover rate we have, we can have you in and out in a flash – with a big smile on your face.


Or better still…

Send in a picture!

If you’re even a little bit worried about what a little scratch can do in this wet weather here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW.

  1. Have a good look at your car in even lighting.
  2. Next, you want to take some nice clear pictures of potential problem areas.
  3. Then it’s as easy as giving us a call or popping those shots into an email and we can advise you on the best way to get them repaired. (You may even be able to do it yourself at home.) If you’re a little unsure of what could be causing major (or even irreparable) damage to your car just give us a call. We love to help in any way we can.


Like most cars on the road, yours has a scratch  

Even just a small scratch can cause serious damage in wet or humid weather as the bare metal is exposed to water and air it WILL begin to rust. Luckily, it can take quite a while for the rust to spread and infect an entire panel of your car, but the longer it goes unattended the worse (and more expensive) it gets. 


If You Do Have A Deep Scratch AVOID This One Thing

WATER – Easier said than done at this time of year, but water can be devastating to a cars bodywork when it gets into a scratch that exposes the metal under the paint and can cause your car to MELT – Read about how your car could start melting HERE

If You Have Been In An Accident We Are Still Here To Help You.

If you have been in an accident just take some photos, and give us a call. Just know that any scrape, dent, or bingle can be fixed in a jiffy by our wonderful team of panel beaters – we’re here to serve you – and your car.

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