$600 and 3 demerit points!


If you’ve been watching the news lately you may have seen that South Australian drivers are being fined in excess of $600 for using their phones behind the wheel. Below is a statement that SAPOL released last week regarding OPERATION FATAL DISTRACTION.


Commencing Monday 5 August, a new road safety enforcement campaign will commence. This will be called ‘Operation Fatal Distraction’ and we will have a dedicated focus on distraction type offences – primarily those using mobile telephones.

Officer in Charge of the Road Safety Branch, Superintendent Bob Gray has highlighted that distraction is one of the biggest killers of South Australians on our roads so far this year. There are now 71 South Australians who have died on our roads so far this year compared to 42 at the same time last year.


“There is clearly a section of our motoring community who are just not getting the road safety message – or they simply just don’t care who they hurt – including themselves,” he said.

Superintendent Gray said, “These people know exactly who they are. They are making selfish, dangerous and potentially fatal decisions which ultimately have terrible consequences for their family or for other South Australians who they might indiscriminately hurt or kill.

We know there are road users out there who think the worst thing about being stopped by police is receiving a fine, but we know there are far worse things. Police are doing everything we can”.

On Monday SAPOL’s latest enforcement campaign Operation Fatal Distraction will come into force and it and run between Monday 4 August and Friday 9 August 2019.

“We need to strongly reinforce our language – distraction on our roads lead to people dying.

This is a blitz on distracted drivers and we make no apology for using every tactic – both overt and covert at our disposal. Every available member of the Traffic Support Branch, assisted by operational police across the state, will be focused on stopping selfish and dangerous drivers from killing themselves and others”, he said.

Police will be out and about in a range of different locations; using a diverse range of different tactics; and will focus on all distraction offences but primarily people using their mobile telephones whilst driving.

From 1 July the expiation fee for using a handheld mobile while driving was raised to $534, plus a $60 Victims of Crime Levy and three demerit points.


STAY SAFE out there, drivers. We are always happy to help in any way we can, but road safety is #1 on our priority list. Give us a call if you need help fixing those dents and scratches and make your car look like new.