Crash Repair Norwood


Affordable Crash Repair Norwood and surrounding areas – DPP has been serving the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide for over 4 generations


For over 4 generations the Condo family have been serving the Norwood area with affordable crash repair, friendly service, and unmatched workmanship.

In Norwood, SA, Dynamic Paint N Panel’s Stepney facility is devoted to having your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible as we restore you to the way of your life. We are an RAA approved crash repairer that has been proudly serving Norwood crash repair customers for over 45 years, specialising in paintless dent removal, respraying, full reconstructions, rebuilds, and scratch repairs.

Whether you are looking for Crash Repair Norwood, Payneham crash repair, St Peters crash repair, Adelaide Hills crash repair , or even if you are looking for Strathalbyn crash repair the team from DPP have you covered.

We’ve put together a FREE report for anyone that’s available HERE below are our most popular excerpts.

Car Repair Rip-offs

When it’s too cheap – We all like a bargain, but there’s an old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Some car repairers and panel beaters advertise price as the bait for their false and misleading advertising. They offer an unbelievably low price to get you to come in, and once you’re in their shop, they pressure you into getting all sorts of upgrades and add-ons you’re going to need in to have your car back on the road in near showroom condition. It’s like buying a house, and then being told you have to pay extra for the doors and windows! Repairing your car takes time and the right resources to do it right, so expect to pay a reasonable amount for a good quality repair.

This method of repair is best…

This is a common statement you will see in advertisements or hear from most car repairers. REMEMBER: The best method of repair is the one that achieves your goal For instance, if you just want a couple of paint touch ups done for a car show on the weekend, and don’t want any major repairs, stripping the whole panel back may not be for you. So before you choose a repairer, identify your objectives and then select the method that best reaches those objectives. Not only that, technology in the car repair industry evolves all the time, so what might have been a great method a couple of years ago might have been improved upon by now. For this reason, it pays to go with a car repairer that stays on the cutting edge of technology and doesn’t make sweeping claims about having the “best” car repairing technique around. When it “takes longer than first estimated” Sometimes repairers deliberately underquote and under “estimate” the time that it takes to repair your car. While sometimes these are genuine problems the repairers face, especially when there is unknown structural damage, more often than not the repairer is trying to justify charging you more money. This is often similar to when they may add on charges once you’ve brought your car in for a quote, except this time they are holding your car hostage. This intimidatory method is more common than you might think, as the repairer may pressure you by telling you that they are about to start work that they didn’t account for when you brought your car in initially, or in some cases go ahead and start unapproved work on your car and then charge you for it at the end.





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