Does your car have Tetanus?

Your car could have tetanus, or at least its own version. Tetanus in people or animals can cause huge damage from just a teeny tiny scratch. In the same way a tiny scratch can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your panel work.

When you have a little scratch that goes through the paintwork it is easy, quick, and cheap. Fixing an entire panel that has started to rust can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Nothing looks better than your car, sparkling clean, with not a single dent, scratch or scrape, and the fact that the teeny tiny scratch you picked up because some inconsiderate so and so didn’t put their shopping trolley away.

When you have those little scratches and dents repaired before they spread rust through your car you give it the best chance to stay looking its absolute best.

Minor dent repair is quick – you can bring your car in on your lunch break, or send us the photos and we’ll let you know how quickly we can have them done.

1. It’s cheap – compared to the cost of replacing an entire panel it’s spare change. We take enormous pride in all of our work, and if you need full car surgery we’ll get all hands on deck to breathe new life into your car. But… if we can fix up the scratch before it becomes an infection then we can do it in a fraction of the time, and save you a whole bunch of money.

2. It’s quick – Paintless dent removal and minor touch-ups and paint repair can often happen in an afternoon, and in many cases the span of a lunch break. When you come in with your car we’ll have an expert take a look right away and give you an accurate, relevant estimate on just how long your repair will take.

3. It’s so easy anyone can do it – Just come in (with your car) or send us photos of the damage and in a matter of minutes you’ll know exactly what needs to happen to get your car looking brand new.

All you have to do is give us a call and one of our experts will guide you through. Give us a call right now on 8362 7395 and book a time to have your car looking brand new again.


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