Getting Your Car Back To New – Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Being in a crash sucks!

Even if it’s just a little tap, a scrape, a bump, or something worse. If you own (and drive) a car there is no doubt you’ve been affected by your car being damaged. And as stated before… It sucks.

And when it does happen, you usually have two choices:

  1. Let the insurance company organise everything – including when you need to take your car in – even if you can’t fit it into your schedule. Where you take your car – even if it’s not local. And who “fixes” it – even if it’s someone you don’t know and trust. 
  2. You insist someone you know, like, and trust to not just repair your car, but take care of your car. Someone reputable, approved by the RAA, that has your best interest in mind.


We help South Australian car owners get their cars back on the road, looking their absolute best, even if you can’t bring your car in for a quote or repair!

  • We always have your best interest at heart – we’ve been a trusted South Australian repairer for nearly 50 years. We have the best, most loyal customers around, and we love that you keep coming back.
  • We are RAA approved – The RAA is synonymous with serving South Australian drivers, and they’ll only let great repairers and mechanics display their logo. At DPP you’ll see the yellow RAA Approved sign proudly hanging above our doors. Proof that top quality workmanship and personal care are what you’ll experience every time you visit us.
  • We love cars – we love what we do, our passion is getting your car looking its absolute best. That’s why we do it!

Whether you need a couple of scratches buffed out, a bumper replaced, a panel resprayed, or something a lot larger. We’ll have your car looking great again.

Here’s how you can get a quote.

There are a number of ways we can give you a quote, and a timeframe for repairs, even if you can’t come in yourself. It won’t just be a “here’s what it costs” conversation… we’ll detail the process of the repair to ensure you can feel confident that we are only doing what is absolutely necessary to restore your car to looking brand spanking new.

  1. Give us a call and ask for us to come and have a look. We’ll make the trip to come and see you to give you an accurate idea of how we’ll fix your car.
  2. You can send in pictures – in fact, we suggest that as soon as you notice any damage to your car you take photos immediately. This will give you plenty of documentation for the insurer, should you need to provide it. If you can’t arrange a time for us to come and have a look send us the photos of the damage and we can follow up with a written quote, and a phone call from one of our experts talking you through the details.
  3. You can come on in and say hi – We’re always happy to see our customers, and we love to be a part of the process that helps you feel better about having damage repaired. It’s understandable that you can be under stress when bringing in a car for a repair, especially the bigger stuff, and that’s why it’s important that you leave armed with everything you need to know about the repair, and know that your car will be as safe as ever.

If you’re ready to get a quote today give us a call, or to discover other great cosmetic upgrades we can fit to your car (tinting, bodywork, roof racks etc.) click here and have a browse.

Give us a call today on 8362 7395
Your friend, Cos.

PS. Even though the COVID restrictions are easing we still take your health very seriously. We will still be conducting our COVID19 sanitising service, which as a stand-alone service is $85, but 100% Free with every repair or customisation – THAT’S OUR IRONCLAD GUARANTEE!