Slippery Roads And How To Drive On Them

Don’t get caught slipping…

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and you are probably relying on your car more at the moment. When autumn hits and daylight savings end the roads seem to change overnight. Here’s what to keep in mind as the weather changes.!

As the weather changes, all of those beautiful colour changes comes with it, and before you know it the roads are busier, slipperier, and more hazardous.

  • The annual ‘Fall’ – Most of the beautiful trees that line streets change colour with the weather. It looks pretty but can be incredibly dangerous for drivers. As you brake (especially suddenly) this layer of slippery rotting leaves prevent your tyres from gripping the tarmac, causing you to skid rather than stop. Think of when a cartoon character steps on a banana peel, but faster! The only way to avoid a collision is to make sure you leave a little extra space to the car in front and brake a little earlier going into corners.
  • Wet Weather – We know that wet roads provide less grip than dry roads, but the hazards aren’t limited to your tyres. Without good quality windscreen wipers, your visibility will be reduced by as much as 40%. If your windscreen wipers are skipping, screeching, or streaking it’s time to replace them.
  • Driving Blind – With the increase of nighttime and evening driving we are relying on our lights even more – even during the daylight hours. If your car has an auto light setting it’s a smart move to use it, or better yet; make a point of having your lights on anytime you drive, not just for your benefit, but also to aid other drivers. (Be sure to make sure they turn off when you switch the engine off).

Staying safe behind the wheel in wet, dark conditions is as easy as giving yourself a little extra space, turning your lights on, and checking those wiper blades. And remember….


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