The secret to Grip in the wet!

Grip on the road can be the difference between a major accident, and avoiding an accident completely. And in this weather, it all comes down to tyre tread.

The tread on your tyres determines how well your car sticks to the road. The more rubber on the road, the more grip you have – not only for stopping but also accelerating. In rainy weather the tread on your tyres provides a channel for the water to get flicked out of the way, allowing more rubber on the road.

When the tyres are worn down there is less room for the water to be ejected. This increases the amount of water between the road and your car. Which, in turn, makes your car slower to accelerate, AND more importantly longer to stop. This makes the difference between a major crash and avoiding a crash completely.


The difference can be costly


Consider the above graphic. Changing your tyres can be the difference between a major crash, and a low impact ‘fender bender.’




All you need is a ruler and a coin!

1. Simply put a coin in the tread of your tyres (it’s best to check all four).

2. Make note of how much of the coin disappears.

3. Measure!


1. If you have a metal ruler you can simply measure the tread with that.

If your tyre tread is 3mm or below it’s probably time to replace them. If they are 1.5mm or lower they need to be replaced immediately as they are illegal.

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