Was this 1974 Korean/Italian Coupe the inspiration for Musk’s Cybertruck?

In a remarkable showcase of innovation meeting heritage, Hyundai Motor recently unveiled the restored Pony Coupe Concept at the inaugural Hyundai Reunion, an event that not only celebrated the brand’s storied past but also pointed towards its ambitious future direction. This event marked a significant moment in Hyundai’s history, demonstrating how far the company has evolved from its early days.


The Pony Coupe Concept, originally presented at the 1974 Turin Motor Show, has been brought back to life under Hyundai’s restoration project. This initiative is more than a nod to the company’s origins; it’s a testament to the daring spirit, passionate ambition, and visionary foresight that have propelled Hyundai from a fledgling automaker to a global powerhouse.


Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group, paid homage to his grandfather, Ju-young Chung, Hyundai’s founding chairman, for his pivotal role in Korea’s post-war economic rebuild and his dream of establishing Korea as a capable developer of its vehicles. This vision has clearly been realized, with Hyundai now standing as a testament to Korean innovation and automotive excellence.


As the automotive industry pivots toward electrification, Hyundai’s President and CEO, Jaehoon Chang, emphasized the company’s commitment to its foundational values. Through initiatives like the Hyundai Reunion and other heritage communication efforts, Hyundai aims to leverage its rich history as a unique catalyst for future innovations.


The event also served as a reflection on Hyundai’s beginnings, with legendary designer Giugiaro sharing insights into the development of the 1973 Pony Coupe Concept. Despite initial skepticism due to Hyundai’s inexperience at the time, Giugiaro was ultimately impressed by the passion and commitment of Hyundai’s engineers. Their eagerness to learn and adapt played a crucial role in the company’s evolution.


Luc Donckerwolke, President and Chief Creative Officer, alongside SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center, highlighted the restoration of the Pony Coupe Concept as a milestone in Hyundai’s history. It symbolizes the company’s journey from its humble beginnings to its commitment to the future, serving as a legacy for future generations.


The Hyundai Reunion also underscored the importance of bridging past and present, with Sungwon Jee, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, noting the significance of bringing together individuals who were instrumental in Hyundai’s early days with those leading the company into the future. This event not only launched the Hyundai Reunion platform but also showcased Hyundai’s enduring spirit of innovation, which continues to drive the brand forward.


Through the rebirth of the Pony Coupe Concept and the celebration of its heritage, Hyundai Motor Company reaffirms its dedication to innovation, its respect for its roots, and its vision for a future where it continues to push the boundaries of automotive technology and design.