We’ll Come To You

If you’re stuck at home and can’t leave at all it can be pretty difficult getting things done. Especially if you’re looking outside at your car in the driveway thinking about that scratch you wish you’d taken care of before the ‘lockdown.’

We’ve always helped people get car repairs done, even if they can’t leave their homes, or places of business. In fact every week we go out and give mobile quotes, and right now it seems more important than ever to be able to provide this service.

In fact, you don’t even have to answer the door. 

To keep you, and our staff safe we’ve implemented a new operating procedure for our mobile repair units. It’s as simple as leaving your keys somewhere safe on your property where we can collect them, and letting us take care of the rest. 

After we’ve collected the keys (from you or your letterbox), we’ll wipe down all the sensitive surfaces that we’ll be touching. These include the steering wheel, gear shift, indicator levers, door handles – inside and out – handbrake, seatbelt.

For your added safety we’ll also be wearing disposable hospital grade gloves, that will be changed for every different car we come into contact with.

For extra peace of mind, we’ll even sanitise things we haven’t come into contact with. This includes things like the passenger’s seat belt, radio, dashboard, petrol cap lever, and boot lever. 

Safety is always our number one priority, whether it’s the roadworthiness of your cars bodywork or the cleanliness of the cockpit.

Your car will be safer both inside and out after a visit from one of our repair experts, and what better time to get those dings, dents, chips, and scratches taken care of?

Call us a call on – (08) 8362 7395 and we’ll come out to you and make your car look like it just rolled off the production line.